French State – First consolidation test

Fields of interventions Statutory consolidation, State accounting standards, Accounting standards for public establishments, Project management, Transversal work with the teams of the Ministry of Finance (DGFIP, Budget Department and the Public Accounts Standardization Council). The Contexte A working group associating the general directorate of public finances (DGFIP), the budget directorate (DB), the normalization council for … Read more

Implementation of new software in statutory consolidation and reporting – OPERA AMELKIS

Fields of intervention Statutory consolidation and reporting group. The Contexte Within a group of rapidly growing logistics (CA>250 M€), the objective of the project is to integrate statutory consolidation and the reporting group. KENCE has coincided different phases to put into place the consolidation software and reporting, Opera Amelkis. The Problematic Data reporting convergence and … Read more

Assistance in closing consolidated accounts of listed groups (CAC40) under SAP-FC

Filed of interventions Statutory consolidation and reporting group, operational assistance. The Contexte Following a long term absence within a team, the consolidating director hopes to integrate a qualified person during the period of the monthly and yearly reporting. The problematic KENCE has taken charge of following one of the Group business units during the phase … Read more

Total outsourcing of statutory consolidation

Fields of interventions Statutory consolidation, Reference 99-02, integration of foreign subsidiaries. The Contexte Within an industrial group on the West facade (turnover> € 300 million), in a development of international activity, the group’s financial management wanted to outsource the statutory consolidation work. KENCE has been selected to consolidate the group. The Problematic Organization of file … Read more

Public accounting and reliable financial information

Fields of interventions Accounting standards in public establishments, database analysis, reliable financial information, corrective accountant schema proposals, collective teamwork on hand. The Contexte Within public establishments, the projects consist of: analysing the financial data integrated during the implementing of ERP Qualiac, define the deviation source within the recovery of database and data processing carried out … Read more

Consolidation assistance in Istanbul for the subsidiaries of a French group under SAP-BFC

Fields of interventions Statutory consolidation, IFRS standard, working language: English. The Contexte Following the acquisition of the Turkish group by the French group and the implementation of SAP-BFC, the client needed English-speaking assistance under SAP-BFC as part of its quarterly closing. The Problematic Need to be operational immediately in an unknown context (team, configuration, country), … Read more